Celebrating 50 years Colo Vale (by Jeanette Schofield)

At a meeting held on the 4th May 1938 in Aylmerton, the Colo Vale Progress Association was formed.

One of the first matters to be considered by the Progress Association was an offer by Mr. E.C. Bender on behalf of Mr. F. Bender, of a block of land in the Colo Vale village for the building of a community hall and to raise funds for same.

On the 10th March 1939 Lot 7 Section 3 of DP 2944 situated in Railway Avenue Colo Vale was transferred by Mr. Ferdinand Bender to Walter Francis Blatch, Eric Walsh and Roy Stanton Stirling as trustees for the sum of ten shillings for the specific purpose of building a community hall.

Plans were drawn up for the proposed Hall by L. Kingsford Smith, Architectural Draughtsman, and dated 25th July 1939.   The building was commenced 13 years later in 1952 and completed in 1961.

In June 1940 for the duration of the 2nd World War meetings were suspended.

On 6th March 1946 the Association was re-formed. The group met in 1948 when the Association was again disbanded.

25th October 1950 saw the first meeting of the Colo Vale Community Centre Association.

In 1991 the Association was incorporated and the name was changed to the COLO VALE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION INC. the name still remains.